OREANDA-NEWS. A Chinese user WeChat praised the performance of the Russian Sarmat ICBM as the best in the world.

The man noted that the rocket has unique technical characteristics: a flight range of 18 thousand kilometers and the ability to overcome most of the globe. The author noted that the launch of one such rocket would be enough to destroy an entire city. He admits that even the Chinese Dongfeng-41 cannot be compared with this missile, and its appearance made other countries, especially the United States, nervous.

According to the Chinese user, the creation of the Sarmat missile was "another breakthrough by Russia under the conditions of the total American blockade."

The Sarmat missile (RS-28) will replace the world's heaviest strategic missile Voevoda (according to NATO classification - Satan, RS-20V). Development work on this project began in 2011. "Sarmat" will be able to attack targets both through the North Pole and through the South Pole, overcoming the missile defense systems.

Other Russian military developments are also admired by the Chinese side. The user was also impressed by the level of development of hypersonic weapons. Thanks to such missiles as "Dagger" and "Avangard", Russia is ahead of other countries in this area of weapons, he concluded.