OREANDA-NEWS. Voronezh scientists from VSUIT have come up with a plastic based on polyvinyl alcohol, which has no taste or smell. This plastic dissolves in a few minutes. This was reported by the Voronezh State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company on the air of Rossiya 1 and Rossiya 24.

Scientists have been developing biodegradable materials for 10 years, and since last year they started developing materials from polyvinyl alcohol. Conventional plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose, and alcohol-based plastic takes a few minutes.

For many years, scientists around the world have been developing biodegradable plastic, but due to the high cost, samples rarely reach industrial scale.

Lyubov Studenikina, Associate Professor of the Department of Industrial Ecology of VSUIT, said: “Now we are moving on to the next stage - the development of an industrial design. That is, so that it is already applicable for mass industrial production. You can mix such materials with organic fractions of household waste, food, vegetable, which can be perfectly processed using composting methods into useful products. "

Voronezh scientists say their plastic will be cheaper than previous designs.