OREANDA-NEWS. Tests have revealed increased vibration while driving in the new British Ajax armored vehicles. It causes nausea in the crew, tinnitus, and swelling of the joints, according to The Telegraph.

Therefore, testing of armored vehicles had to be suspended from November 2020 to March 2021. Now the maximum speed of movement of Ajax is limited to 32 kilometers per hour, and the crew is allowed to stay inside the combat vehicle for no more than 90 minutes.

Testing also showed that the newest armored vehicle is not capable of climbing obstacles higher than 20 centimeters and cannot shoot from the main weapon on the move.

Recall that Ajax for the British army is being developed by the American company General Dynamics. They wanted to put this armored vehicle into service in 2020, but the tests have not yet been completed. In total, the British Armed Forces ordered 589 combat vehicles of various modifications. The total contract value is about $ 5 billion.

Experts believe an artillery duel between the tank units of Great Britain and Russia in the event of an armed conflict is likely to end not in favor of Great Britain.

The authors of the report, prepared by the Defense Committee of the House of Commons of the British Parliament on the eve of the publication of a comprehensive security review, note that British soldiers, if they happened to fight in Eastern Europe with an equal adversary, which means Russia, in the next few years, would be forced to fight using outdated armored vehicles.

The document also notes that the modernization of equipment was very late (unlike the Russian Armed Forces) due to bureaucracy, the inability of the command to make a decision and attempts to introduce untested technologies, TASS reports.