OREANDA-NEWS. According to RIA Novosti, the United States delivered military products to Ukraine in 2020 for a record $ 510.6 million. Such data are provided by the Defense and Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) under the US Department of Defense.

Arms deliveries to Ukraine were made in accordance with the American program for the sale of weapons and military equipment to the armed forces of foreign states (FMS). The report, prepared by the department, refers to military supplies, namely the sale of military equipment and property or services in the 2020 financial year. The report also compares with the volume and cost of supplies for the period 1950-2015. The list includes many European, Latin American, Asian and African states, as well as various organizations.

According to the agency, the United States has supplied Ukraine this year with military products worth almost $ 510 and a half million. At the same time, in previous years, the amounts spent were significantly less - about 272.5 million in 2019, 250.8 million in 2018, 207.7 million in 2017 and almost 226.6 million in 2016. For all the time, the total cost of supplies to Ukraine amounted to about $ 1.65 billion, since in the previous period - from 1950 to 2015 - the United States supplied weapons and equipment to this country worth more than $ 179.2 million.

If we compare this amount with the cost of arms supplies to other countries of the world, then, for example, the amount of supplies to Lithuania amounted to more than $ 136.5 million, Latvia - about $ 38.2 million, and Estonia only 610.3 thousand dollars, which is significantly less than compared with previous years. The United States has provided the most equipment and weapons this year to Taiwan, worth nearly $ 11.8 billion, and to Poland, $ 4.7 billion.