OREANDA-NEWS. According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), in the season of 2020–2021, Russia can harvest 77 million tons of wheat.

If it is so, the crop in the country will become the second largest since 2015. The USDA analysts note that the record for the last five years in Russia was set in 2017, when it managed to collect 85.1 million tons of wheat.

If the forecast of the American department comes true, Russia will close the top three countries in terms of wheat harvested. The first would be China (135 million tons), the second line would be occupied by India (103 million tons).

In addition, in this season, Russia may become a leader in the volume of exported wheat. The USDA expects the country to deliver 35 million tons abroad. It will be followed by the European Union, which the agency allocates in a single line, with deliveries at the level of 28.5 million tons and Canada, which may export about 24.5 million tons of wheat.