OREANDA-NEWS. The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for limiting the spread of e-cigarettes. We are talking, in particular, about the labeling, informing about the harm of such products to health.

The organization's report on the dangers of tobacco says that manufacturers are targeting a young audience, offering e-cigarettes with attractive flavors.

"WHO is concerned that children using these products are three times more likely to use tobacco products in the future," the report said. "The organization recommends that governments implement regulations to stop nonsmokers from starting to use tobacco."

WHO proposes the same restrictive policies for electronic cigarettes as for conventional cigarettes. This includes, in particular, the application of warning labels and images to the packaging.

The organization notes that e-cigarettes are often marketed as "nicotine-free", but "when tested, they often find that they contain an addictive ingredient." Thus, the tobacco industry continues to "undermine measures" to combat smoking, according to WHO.

The sale of electronic cigarettes is currently banned by 32 countries of the world, another 72 states have taken restrictive measures, for example, a ban on smoking such cigarettes in public places.

According to WHO estimates, the total number of smokers in the world remains high - about 1 billion people. At the same time, tobacco is the cause of death of 8 million people a year.