OREANDA-NEWSThe Chinese Embassy in France has expressed concern about the country's alleged intention to introduce measures restricting access to the creation of the fifth generation (5G) mobile communication systems by Chinese company Huawei on its territory. The corresponding message was posted on Sunday on the website of the department.

According to him, the French media reported on impending restrictions, which include a ban on the use of Huawei equipment when introducing 5G in a number of large cities of the state. "We are deeply shocked and worried. President Emmanuel Macron and other representatives of the French authorities have repeatedly confirmed that France won't discriminate against a particular country or company in 5G matters and won't exclude Huawei. So, if this information is correct “It goes against the commitments made by the French government”, the embassy said in a statement.

It also emphasizes that while concerns about the security of 5G networks are understandable, in order to impose restrictions on specific companies, France must first provide transparent criteria that ensure that all candidates have the same rating. China expressed the hope that the two countries will be able to maintain confidence in each other and strengthen it through cooperation in the field of 5G.