OREANDA-NEWS. IDGC of Centre received its certificate of readiness for operation through the autumn-winter maximum of loads in 2017/2018. The document certifying the successful completion of preparations for the autumn-winter period was presented to the company’s CEO Oleg Isaev by Chair of the Commission of the Ministry of Energy of Russia, Deputy Director of the Department for Operational Control and Management in the Electric Power Industry of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation Elena Medvedeva.

 Its final meeting, which decided to give the company the certificate of readiness, was preceded by the final stages of the inspection: a spot check of the Smolenskenergo branch and an emergency response exercise conducted by power engineers in the Smolensk region in conjunction with the regional department of the EMERCOM of Russia to eliminate consequences of mass outages in the power grid complex. In the course of it, the company’s staff once again demonstrated high professionalism, coordinated actions, the ability to react promptly to emergencies and eliminate their consequences.

The general results of the inspection carried out by the Commission of the Ministry of Energy of Russia demonstrated the high degree of availability of electric grid facilities and personnel of the company to work during the autumn-winter period.

IDGC of Centre in full and in strict accordance with the established deadlines fulfilled all planned measures for preparation for work during the cold season. The fulfillment of the schedule of the repair program is 100%. The company’s specialists repaired about 15,9 thousand km of power lines of 0.4-110 kV, 162 substations of 35-110 kV and 4,746 transformer substations of 10/0.4 kV. 11.4 thousand hectares of overhead power lines were cleared from trees and shrub vegetation.

To work in conditions of cold weather, motor and specialized vehicles were maintained. The emergency stock of equipment is 100% complete. Staff trainings and drills for elimination of failures characteristic of low temperatures were conducted. At present, 1,676 crews of 8,387 highly qualified specialists and 3,237 vehicles are ready to eliminate faults and contingencies. Of the highly skilled workers, who received additional training, 92 special crews of increased mobility were formed in the number of 546 people and 174 vehicles with the purpose of rapid transfer of additional forces among the company’s branches and participation in emergency recovery operations in the territories of other SDCs of PJSC Rosseti.