OREANDA-NEWS. Delivery vans are frequently seen criss-crossing city streets. Now, one EU project has developed a fleet of electric delivery vans, helping to cut harmful emissions from vehicles. 

The company, GreenWay Operator, is based in Slovakia, but Greenway operator hopes to expand its operations to the Czech Republic, Austria and the Netherlands.

GreenWay owns the vehicles and customers lease them on a pay-per-kilometre basis. The company provides additional services to its customers including a 24/7 customer support telephone number.

It also has a network of ‘battery swap’ stations that allow customers to replace a depleted battery with a fully charged one within a timeframe of 4 – 7 minutes. Under this system, vans can travel more than 350 km per day.

One GreeWay van – an eVan K2 – can save the emission of 60 tons of CO2 over its lifetime. 

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