OREANDA-NEWS. Peabody Energy today said its Wambo Underground Mines Rescue Team (MRT) earned first place in the First Aid competition at the 10th International Mines Rescue Competition held in Sudbury, Canada this past week.

The Wambo Underground MRT was among 27 teams from 13 nations that gathered to compete in four days of events to test emergency preparedness skills and train through competition.    

"We take great pride in the global safety leadership demonstrated by our Wambo Underground Mines Rescue Team, which is an extraordinary tribute to Peabody's first value of safety," said Peabody President – Australia Charles Meintjes. "Using this competition as a platform to advance best practices in safety around the world benefits our people, our organization and our industry.  We are honored to represent Peabody and Australia in this prestigious global event."  

The competition presented simulated emergency response situations for applying first aid involving multiple individuals and injuries. Other events included firefighting, high angle rope rescue and an underground mine rescue simulation. The event was hosted by Workplace Safety North and Ontario Mine Rescue.

Peabody's Wambo Underground Mines Rescue Team qualified for the international competition after taking first place in the highly contested 53rd Australian Underground Mines Rescue competition in 2015. The team has an impressive history with nine consecutive years of success at both the district and national levels.

Peabody Energy is the world's largest private-sector coal company and a Fortune 500 company.