OREANDA-NEWS Russia could increase production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) by 2035 to 83 million tons from the current 21 million tons. This said the Director of the Department of oil and gas production and transportation of the Ministry of energy Alexander Gladkov on Tuesday at the forum" Oil and Gas of Sakhalin",. This is possible if all planned projects are implemented.

"From the current 21 million tons of LNG production in Russia will grow to 83 million tons," he said.

According to Gladkov, the Ministry expects that by 2035 such projects as "Baltic LNG", "far Eastern LNG", "Pechora LNG" and "Arctic LNG - 2"will be fully implemented.

He stressed that the Ministry of energy allows the possibility of using additional incentives for the development of the industry. "We are ready to continue to consider the possibility and approaches to stimulate LNG," Gladkov said.

"If all LNG projects are implemented, Russia will have about 83 million tons of LNG capacity," Gladkov said. He stressed that the production potential can help increase Russia's share in the LNG market from 4.5 to 15-20% by 2035. By this time, the deficit of liquefied natural gas will be 200 million tons, and the demand for it will grow by 32% — to 1.2 trillion cubic meters per year.

At the same time, Russia's LNG supplies are expected to increase in Japan. This was stated by the General Director of the Department of natural resources and fuel of the Japanese Ministry of economy, trade and industry Rio Minami. According to this information, Tokyo considers it necessary to diversify energy supplies.

Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak said earlier in September that the Asia-Pacific region represents a huge potential for Russian LNG. Russia increased LNG exports to Asia-Pacific countries by 48.2% in eight months. "Today, 255 million tons of liquefied natural gas are consumed in the world, in 2035 the figure will reach, according to the most conservative estimates, 550 million tons and 70% of this consumption will be in the APR. A unique window of opportunity opens for us — for Russia to occupy its niche," he said at the Eastern Economic Forum.