OREANDA-NEWSThe volume of Russian gas transported to the EU through the territory of Ukraine over the past year increased by 3% compared with the previous one. This was announced on Friday by the press service of the company "Ukrtransgaz".

"The volume of gas transportation through Ukraine from the Russian Federation to European countries and Moldova is 89.6 billion cubic meters, which is 3% or 2.8 billion cubic meters more than the same indicator for the previous year", said in the message. Moreover, from the information on the company’s website it's clear that Ukraine’s import of gas from Russia is zero, and from the EU - 14.2 billion cubic meters, which is 35% more than a year earlier. Ukrtrangas recalls that Ukraine hasn't imported gas from Russia for 14 96 days.

In the underground gas storage facilities of Ukraine is 18.9 billion cubic meters. m. "This is 36% more than a year ago", the press service said. The flow of gas from Ukrainian mining enterprises in 2019 amounted to 20.7 billion cubic meters, which is 1% less compared to the same period last year.

The company also notes that 26.4 billion cubic meters have been transported to Ukrainian consumers of all categories since the beginning of the year. of gas - 7% less than in 2018. And the total use of gas for production and technological costs decreased by 8% and amounted to 3.4 billion cubic meters.