OREANDA-NEWS. August 15, 2016. Everyone is getting amped for Dreamforce, the largest gathering of customer trailblazers on the planet. And this year’s Dreamforce promises to be the most epic yet, with its awesome sweep of over 2,000 sessions, core insights on how to rise as a sales trailblazer, and even a performance from U2 that will absolutely tear up the tent.

But did you know that there’s a one-day event within Dreamforce that’s been designed specifically for you, sales executives? Introducing the Dreamforce Sales Summit 2016.

We invite all sales executives to join us at the Sales Summit on Tuesday, October 4, in the Marriott Marquis Hotel, where we’ll be sharing key insights to help you be an even stronger sales trailblazer. To quote an attendee from last year’s Sales Summit: "I would definitely recommend it for sales professionals, and I will make a recommendation for my company's sales managers to come to these sessions next year."

We’ve lined up more than 40 industry experts and leading practitioners who are eager to share their insights with you. Even better, this one-day event-within-an-event is free with your Dreamforce ticket. To reserve your seat, simply register for the sessions you want to attend using Agenda Builder.

Here are four reasons why Sales Summit is the best-kept sales secret at Dreamforce:


 At Salesforce, we’re focused on helping our customers sell faster and smarter, by providing them not only with new tools, but with the best practices they need to get their jobs done. Building and operating high-powered sales organizations that make quota every month can be a big task — but reaching that next level of success is more attainable than you might think. While there is no magic bullet, we emphatically believe that taking a series of simple actions can propel your teams to sales greatness. That’s why we’re serving up Simple Steps to Superstardom at the Dreamforce Sales Summit this year.  

Register for one of our 25* sessions, or join us for the entire day to pick up actionable tips and tricks you can put to work immediately. Hear from researchers, like Lareina Yee and Maria Valdivieso of McKinsey, as they discuss their latest findings and the implications for your business. Pick a panel where you can pose your questions to stellar sales practitioners, like Amy Appleyard of Staples Advantage or Joe Anzalone of Amazon Web Services. Get the inside track on the challenges they face and how they tackle them. Learn from leading industry practitioners, like Lindsey Boggs and Koka Sexton, as they share proven tips for social selling that you can use right away.

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2015 Attendees Said:

"Great advice. I implemented some of the ideas immediately.”

"My favorite event at Dreamforce thus far. Awesome, useable content! I can't wait to bring this info back to my team. Thank you!"


Over the years, we’ve built a community of industry leaders. This year, we’re bringing more than 40 of them to Dreamforce for a one-day thought leadership extravaganza. Come spend your day meeting and networking with extraordinary sales experts and cutting-edge thinkers from McKinsey & Company, CEB, SiriusDecisions, and more. Hear their latest research, gather insights, and leave inspired, ready to play the game on your terms and win big.  

2015 Attendees Said:

"The speakers were amazing. I would highly recommend the research-based sessions."

"Excellent session. Best one I've seen at Dreamforce this year."


At the Sales Summit, you can find out which sessions are most relevant to you based on our newly introduced content tracks: Sales Strategy, Sales Leadership, Sales Development, and Sales Operations. It’s your choice:  Follow one of our tracks, or chart your own path by registering for the sessions you find most interesting. These sessions are going to go fast, so once Agenda Builder opens, we urge you to register right away to avoid disappointment.

2015 Attendees Said:

"Very specific and relevant info delivered for a wide audience. I got something for myself and the people I manage directly and indirectly. Good stuff."

"Let me start off by saying that I loved the session. I would recommend more of this track next year.”


The Sales Summit takes place in two dedicated rooms at the Marriott Marquis Hotel. Come spend the day with us to learn how the most successful sales professionals — onstage and in the seats beside you — continuously learn, develop, and turn the latest trends to their advantage.

2015 Attendees Said:

“The Sales Summit was a great opportunity to meet other sales leaders in my industry.”

“I had great conversations with other people in the room and learned a lot from the speakers.”

At the Sales Summit, you’ll dive into a scene where awesome is normal. Come out changed for the better and more inspired and prepared than ever to absolutely crush it. You’ll learn from the best, to sell like the best. Come to the Dreamforce Sales Summit 2016, and leave the rest behind.

And if you can’t wait until Dreamforce, check out Quotable for even more sales insights.

* These 25 sessions have been grouped by content to make up 12 “Super Sessions.”