OREANDA-NEWS. September 19, 2016. After the acquisition of FirstLeap and the increase of the shareholdings of Shunshun, TAL Education Group ("TAL", NYSE:XRS) keeps moving forward in the international education field. On September 5, TAL announced the release of  HiWorld, a new training brand for overseas study. Meanwhile, the new official website (www.hiworld.com) and brand slogan (Hi World) were released on Internet.

Besides, TAL announced the full acquisition of ACESSAT, a training institution for overseas study. ACESSAT will serve as a part of HiWorld and provide a series of training services, including SSAT, ACT, SAT, and TOEFL.

Founded in 2012, ACESSAT is dedicated in providing training services for teenagers in China to study abroad. The business covers SSAT, ACT, SAT, TOEFL, and systematic courses of the western culture. Different from the popular star-teacher model in the education and training sector, ACESSAT insists on adopting technologies in teaching from the initial stage. According to the rules of metrology and pedagogy, ACESSAT has successfully built a to-be-tested knowledge hierarchy system and developed a well-calibrated model for test taking, helping a large number of students achieve outstanding results. Now, after four years' development, the students from ACESSAT can always be found in the TOP-20 senior high schools in the US.

As Bai Yunfeng, a co-founder of TAL, says, with the upgrade of the consumption and the rise of the new generation of parents, Chinese families are expecting more on their children's education. Based on the rich experience in K12 education, TAL hopes to provide Chinese children with abundant, diversified, and systematic domestic and international education services by integrating world-class education resources and combing the wisdom of human and intelligent technology.

Wu Xiaowei, who is in charge of HiWorld training programs for overseas study, says that HiWorld will inherit the genes of technology research and development of TAL, and carry on the high education quality requirements of TAL. Also, HiWorld will, in light of its own advantages, to train students step by step through scientific and systematic courses so as to improve the students' language capacity, develop their western thinking model and cultural literacy, and help them to embrace the world with calm and confidence.

Huang Wei and

Wang Jia'e, founders of ACESSAT, say that, "during the whole acquisition, no one from TAL ever mentioned anything like performance gambling. The group values teamwork and especially recognizes the men of action. On the whole, we think TAL is a generous team."

In the recent two years, TAL has been expanding the business in language training and international education. Apart from Lejiale which targets at the domestic and international English evaluation with an operation history of 10 years, Lewaijiao, an online English teaching brand, was launched to the market last May. And then, 4 months later, the group fully acquired FirstLeap, a quality-oriented children English education institution, and lately acquired Shunshun, a service platform for overseas study.

After the release of HiWorld, FirstLeap, HiWorld training services for overseas study, Shunshun services, etc., will form a fully integrated cooperative unit for TAL international education business.

Wu Ying, who is in charge of FirstLeap, thinks that HiWorld will provide learning approaches to further international education for students of FirstLeap, while the high-end younger English learners of FirstLeap will also become an important source of students for HiWorld's business of sending younger children to study abroad in the future. In the view of

Zhang Yang, who is in charge of Shunshun, their product line, such as Enjoying High-end Services, Study Art Abroad, Background Improvement, and Immigration Service, will provide more convenient and high-quality international education and living services for overseas study and immigration of the students and their families, for which, HiWorld will serve as an important source of students.

Analysts say that the release of HiWorld also means that TAL has gradually carried out a comprehensive education product layout that combines online and offline services and covers the domestic and international education for people aged from 0 to 24 years old.