OREANDA-NEWS. Authorities in the Brazilian state of São Paulo do not believe that Apple removed chargers and headphones from boxes with iPhone smartphones to protect the environment - the move was considered a violation of consumer rights and issued a fine to the company.

Last fall, Apple announced that all new iPhones 12, and then other smartphones from the company, which are still in production, will be sold in smaller packages, without power adapters and headphones. The company insists that this will reduce the negative impact on the environment by reducing the extraction of rare earth metals, as well as the volume of produced and discarded accessories. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions during transportation will decrease, because the same number of smartphones in smaller packages and without unnecessary accessories can be carried on fewer flights.

The local Brazilian consumer protection agency notified Apple of the violation last December. In response, the company reiterated its "green" arguments, noting that most buyers already have the required chargers.

However, such a response from Apple did not satisfy Brazilian officials, writes MacRumors. As a result, the companies were fined 10.55 million Brazilian reais ($ 1.92 million) for this and another violation. According to the department, the company is misleading consumers, claiming the iPhone's ability to survive submersion in water for a considerable time, but at the same time refusing warranty repairs for devices that have undergone such a "test."