OREANDA-NEWS. Bloggers can give such advertising to domestic tourism, which the state is not able to provide, the interest of people from blogging tours will increase significantly, said the deputy of the State Duma Boris Paikin at the presentation of the project "Blogging Tours Traveling in Russia".

Paikin said in this regard: "Today, the social advertising that a state institute in the person of Rostourism or individual ministries can provide is not enough. We understand that the blogosphere covers tens of millions (people) and such an advertising product, we cannot get such advertising information anymore. ".

The politician added that after the blog tour, the interest of citizens in traveling around Russia may significantly increase, and the people attracted by the project will help develop the industry.

“Based on the results of the blog tours, I think that the interest will increase significantly. I think that we will see many more enthusiasts from the blogosphere and other people who come to us, who will offer their help in order to really develop our tourism, in order to so that our people can see how diverse our country is, "Paikin said.

"Traveling Russia blog tours" is a joint project of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs and the Youth Parliament under the State Duma, aimed at developing domestic tourism, popularizing natural and historical sites, cultural heritage sites through blogger communities.

The project involves 6 regions - St. Petersburg, the Republic of Bashkortostan, Pskov, Kirov and Tula regions, Khabarovsk Territory. It will take place in July 2021.