OREANDA-NEWS. Tourists arriving in Greece from Russia will undergo a mandatory express test for coronavirus free of charge, and in case of a positive result they will be given a PCR test, Managing Director of Tez Tour Greece Dimitris Haritidis told RIA Novosti.

All Russians entering Greece from June 30 are required to undergo an express test or PCR test for coronavirus at the border, until the results are received, they will be in the control zone at the entrance. This decision was made to reduce the risk of the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. Citizens of Russia, regardless of whether they have a vaccination certificate or a certificate of a past illness, must provide a negative PCR laboratory test 72 hours or an express test 48 hours before entry. At the border, upon arrival in Greece, they must go through another check.

"Everyone who arrives gets the test for free. As explained at the Heraklion airport, those who arrive undergo an express test. The result comes in 10-15 minutes, and passengers can immediately go further. If someone is positive, then only they pass smear for PCR and sent to the observatory. If not confirmed, then they continue to leave. If a positive result is confirmed, remain in quarantine, "- said Haritidis. "The whole process will be delayed by 10-15, maybe 20 minutes," he added.

According to him, on Sunday, three Russians had an express test positive, but the PCR test was negative, and everyone continued the trip, on Saturday, four people had a positive express test, and one of them had a negative PCR test. He continued his trip, and the remaining three were placed in a hotel for the infected. In Greece, several hotels have been allocated to quarantine tourists in case of infection. “Many tourists didn’t understand how the process would be going and started to get confused,” he said.