OREANDA-NEWS The Ministry of Defense of Hungary put up For sale decommissioned MiG-29. This writes Jane's.

One lot includes 19 fighters. As writes the edition, some of them are unsuitable for flights or partially disassembled for spare parts. The starting price of the lot is $10 million, the transaction must be approved by the Russian authorities. Now the cost of one MiG-29 on average is $25 million, depending on the modification and configuration.

Serial production of the MiG-29 began in the USSR in the 1980s, he became the main fighter of the air force. In 1993, Russia supplied Hungary with almost three dozen MiG-29 to repay part of the Soviet debt, in the two thousandth. After joining NATO Budapest began to replace fighters. In 2017, Hungary for the first time began to put up for sale decommissioned MiG-29.

In April last year, Serbia announced that it was negotiating with Russia and Belarus on additional supplies of MiG-29 fighters. In December 2016, then Prime Minister of Serbia Alexander Vucic and defense Minister Sergei Shoigu agreed to transfer six MiG-29 fighters. In Belgrade, they planned to upgrade the aircraft, spending €180-230 million in October 2017 in Serbia arrived donated by Russia two MiG-29.

MiG-29 — a Soviet/Russian fourth-generation fighter. It is intended for destruction by guided missiles and fire from an onboard gun of all types of the air purposes in simple and difficult weather conditions in free space and against the earth, including in the conditions of hindrances, and also for defeat of the land purposes with application of uncontrollable means of defeat in the conditions of visual visibility.