OREANDA-NEWS. Five - year tenure in possession of smooth - bore weapons, after which you can buy rifled, they want to reduce to three years. The corresponding bill has already been submitted to the State Duma.

The bill states that a tenure of three years does not have to be continuous. The main thing is that the owner of the gun at least a year or two should apply to the licensing and licensing service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and re - register their hunting or sporting weapons.

Today, a "Saiga" 7.62 or 5.45 mm carbine can be bought and registered, the "BASTARD", or "Vepr" rifle complex is possible only after five years of owning a smooth - bore rifle. In this case, a situation occurs when the permitting authorities and the courts interpret this provision literally. That is, if a person buys a rifled gun after five years of possession of a smooth-bore weapon and sells a smooth-bore gun — which he has every right to do — then the second, third (up to 5 units) rifle will not be sold to him until he acquires a smooth - bore weapon again and waits another 5 years. Thus, a legal collision is taking shape: a citizen legally owns a rifled carbine, but to purchase exactly the same thing, he must acquire an item that is unnecessary and wait for 5 years.

On the one hand, such a number of trunks seems to be unnecessary for a hunter or an athlete, but there is another category of weapon owners - these are collectors. According to data from various media outlets, there are about 100 thousand of them in Russia. And they, as a rule, are very well - off people who are capable of supporting manufacturers of their weapons with their acquisitions.

Under the new law, another absurd restriction is removed for athletes. The law in force permits the purchase of no more than 10 cartridges in one gun shop. In preparation for the competition, the shooters had to run around five to ten stores to ensure sufficient ammunition. Now there are no such restrictions at all, or they will have reasonable expediency - up to 500 pcs.

And the last moment, which will greatly facilitate the life of the owners of civilian firearms. The new bill allows for the repair of weapons not only from their manufacturers (as now), but in any licensed workshop.