OREANDA-NEWS. The Sochi authorities promise to improve twenty winter beaches and create comfortable conditions for recreation there. GTRK Vesti Sochi was told about these plans at the resort's mayor's office. On beaches open for walking, additional benches and swings will be installed, daily cleaning and garbage collection will be organized.

As Roman Bushmanov, Deputy Director of the Resorts and Tourism Department of the Sochi City Administration, said, the Ngorod authorities need to create comfortable conditions for year-round recreation in the off-season. Winter beaches should be in every area of the city. In these areas, a comfortable infrastructure will be provided, as well as increased control over the sanitary condition.

In addition, next year, the Sochi resort plans to increase the number of beaches applying for the international ecological certificate "Blue Flag". This year 21 beaches have been awarded quality certificates. It testifies to the cleanliness of the coast and coastal waters, high-quality infrastructure and accessibility for people with limited mobility.

Meanwhile, many tourists are already thinking about the upcoming ice, and not about winter. The winter season has not yet started, but the Russians have already begun planning their summer holidays for next year. Sochi is in the lead among the most popular destinations for recreation in Russia, overtaking Crimea and Anapa.