OREANDA-NEWS  A large part of the investigated wines according to their quality exceeds the requirements of the Standards, said the Head of Roskashestvo (State Quality Union) Maxim Protasov.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Agriculture and Roskashestvo at a press conference presented the results of the project "Wine guide of Russia". The expert group evaluated 320 samples of wines from Russian grapes of five main categories, affordable and widely represented in domestic stores.

"Government Standart group found that the minimum permissible limit of quality of wine - 71 points in organoleptic studies. Our working group has established increased requirements, we have established that to get into the "Wine guide of Russia" and get our maximum support in the promotion, the wine should get 78 points and more", — said Protasov.

"It is very important that 211 wines received a mark more than 78 points, and they were published in the "Wine guide of Russia", — he added.

Thus, out of 114 samples of red wines 78 received 78 points or more, of 104 white wines — 56 samples. Of the 19 samples of rose wine 78 points or more received 9 samples of 51 samples of sparkling wine -38 of 32 liqueur wines -30.

The study included 24 wine producers representing the largest wine regions of the South of Russia (Krasnodar region, Rostov region, Crimea), wine mass price segment (from 200 to 1 thousand rubles). Drinks was assessed on a 100-point system in accordance with the international scale of the international organisation of vine and wine (OIV).

The entire list of wines can be found on the official website of Roskashestvo. The highest quality wines are produced by such companies as "Jubilee Winery", "Valery Zakharin", "Sunny Valley", "Massandra" and "Southern wine company"