OREANDA-NEWS. Seychelles has opened its borders to all tourists from all over the world. But with one condition - all the visitors to the islands must be vaccinated against coronavirus.

To enter Seychelles, tourists from other countries need to provide a certificate that they have received two doses of the vaccine (which one is not specified). In addition, foreigners must show a negative PCR test done no later than 72 hours before the trip. Vaccinated tourists will not be able to comply with the quarantine, writes Seychelles News Agency.

The Seychelles authorities expect that by March this year they will be able to vaccinate 70% of the local population, which will help to create herd immunity. In the meantime, only about 2% of the population has been vaccinated in the country for the moment.

At the same time, the authorities promised that the vaccination certificate would no longer be needed in the spring. It will be enough for tourists to provide a PCR test.

In November 2020, Russia resumed flights with the Seychelles. However, direct flights were never launched. The fact is that the Seychelles did not include Russia in the list of countries whose citizens are allowed to enter the country.