OREANDA-NEWS The implementation of the Ministry of Transport plans to transfer servers to Russia for the tickets sale and registration for the flight can lead to the termination of the work of Russian airlines.

The General Director of Siberia airlines (part of the S7 Group) Vladimir Obedkosure  that, this development is not only fraught with a complete cessation of the activities of Russian airlines, but also long-term (two to four years) and expensive transition to other booking systems.

Three of the largest air companies currently cooperate with foreign providers, while almost all other airlines interact with the domestic system "Siren-travel".

At the same time, Russian providers do not meet the requirements imposed by the airline, the General Director of Siberia notes. In addition, Aeroflot and S7 are members of global aviation alliances, and Russian systems are not yet able to provide work in them.

Obedkov also claims that the transfer of servers to Russia will lead to the fact that it will be impossible to interact with partners in the Alliance One World.In particular, foreign partner companies will not be able to sell tickets for domestic flights S7, as a result of which the Russian air carrier may lose at least 5 billion rubles a year.

 Earlier, the head of the Federal air transport Agency Alexander Neradko urged to accelerate the transition to the use of Russian automated ticket booking systems.

This happened after S7 experienced difficulties with passenger registration at the end of June due to the global failure of the SITA system, which provides it services to air carriers.

After that, the Ministry of transport has published a draft requirements for a new system of online booking of tickets. In particular, it provides for the transfer from January 1, 2020 on the territory of Russia of servers and databases of systems that provide air transportation within the country, passenger registration and mutual settlements.

At the moment, the databases used by most of the air transport registration systems are located in the territory of foreign countries.