OREANDA-NEWSThe Libyan capital Mitiga International Airport suspended work after shelling on Thursday. This is stated in a statement by the administration of the only civilian air harbor operating in Tripoli, posted on its Facebook page.

"All flights with Mitiga International Airport are suspended due to ongoing shelling until further notice", the text says. Earlier, the headquarters of Faiz Sarraj’s National Accord Government forces, Operation Volcano of Wrath, announced that the harbor and its control tower had been hit by Grad multiple launch rocket systems. In mid-January, the army opposing the PNS formations announced the introduction of a no-fly zone over the capital, which also affects Mitiga Airport.

Later, despite threats from the army, Sarraj and the head of the Supreme State Council, Khaled al-Mishri, issued a joint statement in which they ordered the restoration of air communication with the airport in the capital. At the same time, they warned that the "responsibility for any possible risks and incidents" after the resumption of flights will rest with the UN Security Council, the UN Support Mission in Libya, as well as those who impose a blockade.