OREANDA-NEWSRescuers continue to search for 22 people who remain under the rubble of a collapsed hotel on the evening of March 7 in the eastern Chinese province of Fujian. Such latest data from the search and rescue operations working group are on Monday in a local television report.

As of the morning of March 9, rescuers managed to detect and extract from the wreckage of the collapsed building 49 people, 10 of them died from injuries. A seven-story hotel building called Xinjia collapsed in Quanzhou City. Under the rubble, according to official figures, there were 71 people.

Rescuers continue to search for another 22 people. More than 1 thousand firefighters, police, military and medical personnel take part in the rescue operation. This hotel was used to temporarily quarantine people who had close contact with those infected with the new coronavirus. About the reasons for the collapse of official information hasn't been reported yet. The local media reported that the hotel carried out repairs.

The collapsed building was built in 2013, and in 2018 it was converted into a hotel. The area of ​​each floor is about 1 thousand square meters.