OREANDA-NEWS About 30 British "authorities" searched the house of Russian billionaire Peter Aven last week, sources told Bloomberg. As a result, 30 thousand pounds ($37,754) in cash were confiscated from Aven.

The British authorities are "carefully studying" the businessman's money transfers that he made to the UK after the start of the Russian military operation, Bloomberg said. Aven is going to be questioned about these transfers. According to a TASS source, the British authorities believe that he spends significantly more than he can under the terms of sanctions, and "lives beyond his means."

This is the first time since the beginning of the Russian military operation when the British authorities are investigating a possible violation of sanctions. In total, after February 24, London imposed sanctions against more than a thousand people and 100 companies.

According to the agency's interlocutors, the entrepreneur transferred part of the money to the company that manages his real estate. The funds went to the billionaire's current expenses. The British side will also check whether the actions of a British citizen working for this company are considered a violation of sanctions against Aven.