OREANDA-NEWS. Ambassador of Ukraine to the U.S. Valeriy Chaly met with Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce Michael Lally to discuss further joint efforts in order to strengthen US-Ukraine economic and investment cooperation.

Valeriy Chaly underlined the importance of American investments to Ukrainian economy, which could bring the best world business practices to our country as well as improve competitiveness of Ukrainian goods on the world markets. Sides discussed the promising spheres of further cooperation in particular in the areas of airspace and infrastructure. Ambassador Valeriy Chaly stressed that Ukraine would welcome not only leading world known American companies to Ukrainian market but also small and medium-sized enterprises which could bring fresh breath to development of Ukrainian economy.

Ambassador Valeriy Chaly and Deputy Assistant Secretary Michael Lally discussed practical implementation in our country of U.S.-Ukraine Roadmap: Suggestions for Business Climate Improvements and agreed to continue joint efforts in order to increase investment attractiveness of Ukrainian economy.