OREANDA-NEWSWikiLeaks founder Julian Assange tried to use the Ecuadorian embassy as a “spying center”. This was the president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno told The Guardian. 

The head of state denies that the decision to refuse the whistleblower in the future asylum in the diplomatic mission in London is connected with documents leaked to the network about his family. At the same time, he noted that Ecuador could not allow anyone from his embassy to interfere in the affairs of other countries, and "the house that opened its doors became the center of espionage." Moreno stated that Assange had repeatedly violated the conditions for granting asylum. “Our decision is not arbitrary, it is based on international law,” the president stressed.

He also commented on the statement of the previous Ecuadorian leader Rafael Correa, who called Moreno "the greatest traitor in history" of the country and Latin America. According to the head of state, he can be called anything if it means “to defend democracy, freedom of the press, as well as reveal the truth and corruption of the previous regime”.

The president also added that the issuance of Assange to the British police is in no way connected with the United States and data about the likely cancellation of the Ecuadorian national debt.

On April 14, an attorney for the whistleblower stated that the embassy’s charges against Assange are outrageous and far-fetched, and therefore, in fact, they are just a pretext to expel him
. In particular, the whistleblower was accused of not washing the toilet behind him, leaving dirty laundry and dishes. British police arrested Assange on April 11 right in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Before this, the founder of WikiLeaks was denied further asylum.