OREANDA-NEWS. The first cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in Antarctica. Thus, it can be stated that the COVID-19 pandemic has spread to all continents. The Chilean newspaper La Tercera reports.

It is reported that the coronavirus was detected in 36 employees of the Chilean Antarctic station General Bernardo O'Higgins. 26 of them are military personnel, the remaining 10 are employees of the contractor company serving the station.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, all those infected were taken to the south of Chile and isolated, they are being watched by doctors. None of those infected are reported to have severe symptoms or complications.

According to the newspaper The Guardian, members of the crew of the ship, which provided transport services to the Chilean base, were also infected. Their analyzes were obtained upon their return from a voyage to Antarctica. It is clarified that before the swim, the tests of the entire team were negative.

According to the Chilean military, the evacuation of sick personnel was made possible thanks to timely preventive action. It is noted that the Antarctic station continued its work, its staff were replaced.

Meanwhile, before the Chileans were infected, Antarctica was the only continent not affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Scientists are constantly isolated from the rest of the world and there is a chance to bring infection only after shift teams of researchers arrive at the stations in October.