OREANDA-NEWS. On August 10 on the Promenade de la Croisette in the French city of Cannes, 44 people were injured due to panic caused by information about the alleged terrorist attack.

Mayor David Lisnard reported that the chaos began after someone in the crowd shouted that the shooting had begun. “There was no shooting or a barricaded criminal, just a burst of mass madness after someone shouted: “They’re shooting!” Lisnard wrote on his Twitter page.

By the morning of August 11, rescue services counted 44 injured people. Most of them had minor injuries, majority of the wounded had already returned home. According to specialists, in addition to the general tension felt in society after months of quarantine caused by coronavirus pandemic, people were affected by the memories of the terrorist attack on the waterfront in Nice four years ago, when 86 people were killed and 308 were wounded.