OREANDA-NEWS. A grenade was thrown at a police booth near the Russian consulate in Athens, Greece, today, on March 22.

In Athens, an explosive device was thrown at a police booth near the Russian consulate, media report. The incident occurred at about 3:30 am (4:30 am Moscow time). The grenade was thrown by two unknown men who were driving past on a motorcycle. "There was a minor material damage," the source added.

The consular department of the Russian Embassy is located in the area of ​​Chalandri in the north of the Greek capital. As Vasily Gavrilov, a press representative at the Russian embassy, ​​told the media earlier, now the territory near the consulate is cordoned off by police.

Explosion in a police booth near the consular department of the Russian embassy was of small force, media reported. According to sources, at the time of the incident nobody was there in the police booth. It is reported that employees of the diplomatic mission noticed a flash after the explosion, after which they watched the recording from the external surveillance cameras and they reported about the incident to the local police.

According to police, there were two people who came up to the booth by motorcycle, threw the grenade and fled. Soon after that, a burnt motorcycle was found in the central Athens district of Exarchia. The police is checking whether this could be related to the incident at the consular section of the Russian Embassy.

This is already not the first case. In recent years in Greece, attacks on diplomatic missions occur regularly, and they are carried out with impunity. In November 2016, there was a similar case near the French Embassy in Athens. The diplomatic mission is located opposite the Greek Parliament, in a specially protected area of ​​Athens. Nevertheless, two strangers on motorcycle managed to throw a grenade into the police booth and escape. Back then, the anarchist “Organization of Revolutionary Self-Defense” took responsibility for the offense.