OREANDA-NEWS In Finland, for the first time in history, the knitting under heavy music championship was held.

The championship took place on Thursday in the Finnish city of Joensuu. The contestants were introduced to the musical composition only a few hours before entering the stage, and therefore they had very little time to prepare. Despite this, the participants, going on stage, were transformed and instantly became part of the heavy metal band, diligently moving their spokes to the beat.

Victory in the competition won a group from Japan Giga Body Metal. A soloist with knitting needles and a ball of thread, dressed in a kimono, violently threw loops, and against his background two sumo fighters performed. The jury made a decision in their favor because the contestants were able to demonstrate the national culture and instantly find an audience response.

Second place went to the representative of Denmark Ellen. The third place was won by an American 9 Inch Needles.

It is noted that the heavy metal knitting championship impressed the audience so much that next year it will be organized again.