OREANDA-NEWS Russian employees of the Foundation for the Protection of National Values ​​(FZNTS) detained in Libya were tortured in prison. The head of the organization and a member of the Public Chamber, Alexander Malkevich, said this at a press conference "Political terrorism in Tripoli: a view from Russia." Broadcast press conference published in Youtube.

Malkevich added that detainees can continue to be tortured. He believes that in this way they are trying to “knock out some evidence under the camera in order to create a clear picture for the Western media” from the detained Russians.

During the press conference, he noted that he appealed to the international community and the Libyan authorities not only about the detained fund employees. “We are talking about two more sailors who have been in Libyan captivity for three years. They are Vladimir Tekuchev and Sergey Samoilov, who are still in prison now, they are also absolutely legal prisoners. We demand to release all Russian citizens who are being held illegally in the territory of Libya, ”said Malkevich.