OREANDA-NEWS  Patrol ship "Chikuma" self-defense Forces of Japan have lost some ammunition near the island of Kume in the East China sea. It is reported by the newspaper Okinawa Times.

It is noted that the loss of shells occurred during the storm. In the sea washed away more than 20 shells about 17 cm long and weighing 250 g for the automatic gun of caliber of 20 mm. the depth of the sea where there was an incident, makes about 140 m.

Authorities Okinawa Prefecture find out why the shells were on deck in a storm. The Japanese self-defense forces also warned the fishermen about the possible detonation of shells, if they fall into the fishing nets.

In case of detection of the ammunition in networks it is necessary, without touching it, urgently to report to military, warned command. However, most likely, the shells, weighing 250 grams, have already sunk. However, the probability of getting ammunition in fishing nets is quite low: the East China sea is not shallow. In some places its depth reaches 140 meters.

Japan's self-defense forces occupy eighth place in the ranking of the strongest armies in the world according to Business Insider. The army has 310 thousand military, at its disposal there are 290 aircraft, 679 tanks and 131 warships, including four aircraft carriers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe agreed to intensify Russian-Japanese negotiations on a Peace Treaty on the basis of the 1956 Declaration. The press Secretary of the head of State Dmitry Peskov told reporters after the meeting of the leaders.