OREANDA-NEWSA jury in a Manhattan court found American producer Harvey Weinstein guilty of sexual violence on two counts out of five. As the American television company reported on Monday, he was acquitted of the two most serious counts.

The television company said that Weinstein was convicted on one count of sexual assault against one woman, as well as one count of sexual assault on another. The television company notes that on the first point, Weinstein faces five to 25 years, and on the second - up to four years on probation. At the same time, the jury found the producer not guilty in two cases of rape, for which he faced life imprisonment.

The jury, which included seven men and five women, began to discuss the case of the American producer last Tuesday. The allegations against Weinstein are based largely on the testimonies of two women who were previously colleagues of the producer. Other women spoke at the trial, who stated that they had been raped by Weinstein, but their testimony could not be entered into the main materials of the case beyond the statute of limitations. In October 2017, The New York Times published material in which Weinstein was accused of sexual harassment of many women.