OREANDA-NEWSThe European Union's rapid response forces to cyber attacks were led by Lithuania, which coordinated the process of their formation. This was announced on Thursday by the Ministry of Defense of the Republic.

"The emergence of international forces brings cooperation in the field of cyber security to a whole new level", said the head of the military department Raimundas Karoblis. A memorandum establishing the creation of the EU’s rapid reaction force was signed on Thursday in Zagreb by representatives of Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Croatia and Estonia.

Lithuania coordinated the implementation of the EU Cyber ​​Response Force project, which was approved at the end of 2017 by participants in the European Permanent Structural Cooperation (PESCO) program. The project members are Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Croatia and Estonia, with observers from Belgium, Greece, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Finland and France.

Project participants exchange not only information, but also personnel, scientific achievements, and build mechanisms for mutual assistance. At the suggestion of Lithuania, they came to the creation of quick response teams from the experts of the participating countries to prevent cyber incidents.