OREANDA-NEWS The London Court lifts the arrest from the assets of  Ananyev brothers. Their assets includes shares of Vozrozhdenie Bank. The defendants have submitted money as security of debt.

 The High Court of London lifts  The assets of Alexei and Dmitry Ananyev including €11 million and $15.6 million were arrested in mid-July. It was an interim measure. It tells the press release from the Agency Myddleton Communications.  These company represents the interests of the plaintiffs. The assets also include shares of Bank Vozrozhdenie, which is in the process of selling to VTB Bank. The head of VTB Andrey Kostin said that the transaction will take place only on condition that the asset "will be clean of all legal requirements."

 July 30 €11 million and $15.6 million  were transferred to the account of the judicial financial management However, the plaintiffs intend to seek the blocking of Ananyev’s assets again in the future. "Very soon we expect return with new investors to Court. And we will ask to block assets to protect their interests," said Andrew Ford - Lipman Karas partner.

 The reason of claim is investments in credit notes (CLN) issued by Peters International (Cayman) Limited. They were offered to wealthy clients of Promsvyazbank in 2017. These securities were not on the balance sheet of PSB. The beneficiaries of the  securities  were Ananievs.

 Ananyevs owned control packages of Vozrozhdenie Bank and Promsvyazbank until December 15, 2017. Then Promsvyazbank was sent for rehabilitation. After that, the brothers decided to divide the business — banking assets remained Dmitry. According to the legal norms, Dmitry cannot own other credit institutions. Therefore, the Central Bank ordered Ananiev to reduce the share in the Vozrozhdenie Bank (less 10%). Currently, VTB Bank is negotiating the purchase of Vozrozhdenie. To complete the transaction is necessary to ensure the legal purity of the asset.

 Currently, 38.14%  shares of Vozrozhdenie Bank are also under arrest. The VTB said that the Bank is confirm the documents and continues negotiation.