OREANDA-NEWSIn June, in West Jerusalem, a meeting will take place between the adviser to the US president on national security, John Bolton, the chairman of Israel’s national security council, Meir Ben-Shabat, and the secretary of the Russian Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, according to an Arab newspaper. Previously, these talks were announced at the White House, in the Kremlin they said that so far they have no such information.

At the meeting, Western diplomatic sources say, the parties will discuss a “road map” on Syria, which will include the restoration of the country and the lifting of sanctions against the Syrian leadership. In exchange for this, the newspaper’s interlocutors indicated, Russia would have to declare adherence to “concrete measures” - in particular, control the role of Iran in Syria and follow the political processes in the republic.

Who exactly becomes the initiator of such a deal the source doesn't explain, noting that such an agreement could be a link between the interests of America and its allies in Syria with the interests of Moscow in the Arab Republic. In general, at the talks, sources of the newspaper say, the main issue will be the future of the Iranian presence in Syria. Officially in the program of the meeting, according to their data, it is designated as “discussion of regional security” in the Middle East.

The fact that the head of the Israeli government drew up a plan to resolve the situation in Syria and sent it to Trump and Putin on March 26, citing sources, wrote the Times of Israel. This deal also assumed the withdrawal of Iran from Syria. In total, according to some data, in the Arab Republic there are about 100 thousand local and foreign military, representing the interests of Iran. Among them, including the fighters of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps. In early April, Trump announced that in Washington this formation was considered terrorist.