Military security

04.06.2021, 14:36

This was stated by the Russian Ambassador to Yerevan Sergey Kopyrkin.

04.06.2021, 12:07

Fire and explosion occurred at the defense enterprise «Sloboda» in the Chachak city.

31.05.2021, 17:12

She called for unhindered access of humanitarian organizations to areas not controlled by Kiev.

The Gaza Strip.
14.05.2021, 12:59
The operation involved 160 Israeli aircraft supported by tank fire.
14.05.2021, 10:51

According to Mark Gubrud, a researcher at the University of North Carolina, a kind of space war is already happening.

Conflict in the Middle East.
14.05.2021, 09:48
Too many innocent people have died, said the head of the world organization Guterres.
European Union.
10.05.2021, 17:04

This, according to the members of the council, will allow the EU to take more responsibility for it's security.

10.05.2021, 13:29

The reason is the holiday of Eid al-Fitr, celebrated in honor of the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Missile strike.
05.05.2021, 10:50
One of the shells hit a warehouse of plastic products.
Volodimir Zelensky
28.04.2021, 14:03

In April, Zelensky suggested, that Putin meet «anywhere in the Ukrainian Donbass, where there is a war».

Social Democratic Party of Germany.
28.04.2021, 10:47

At the same time, he defended the controversial «Nord Stream-2» gas pipeline.

Members of the Armenian community protest in Italy.
09.04.2021, 17:13
The protesters blocked not only the main gate of the ministry, but also all other entrances and exits.
U.S. Department of State in Washington D.C.
06.04.2021, 11:36

The Turkish Defense Industry Department and four Turkish individuals were sanctioned.

Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov.
01.04.2021, 14:46

Russia has the right to move troops within the territory of the country at it's discretion, said the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov.

Heiko Maas.
30.03.2021, 11:07
The tragedy in Syria should not last another ten years, he said.


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