OREANDA-NEWSThe killing of a Japanese doctor, the head of the Peshawar Society non-governmental organization Tetsu Nakamura, which occurred on Wednesday in Afghanistan, was most likely planned. This was announced on Thursday by Japanese public television.

This conclusion follows from the communication of Japanese television journalists with local residents - eyewitnesses of the attack, who heard people attacking the Nakamura’s car talking to each other. At the same time, according to Afghan law enforcement agencies, members of an armed group that selects only foreign citizens in Afghanistan as their targets could have been behind an attack on a Japanese doctor.

73-year-old doctor Nakamura died on Wednesday from injuries sustained in an attack in the Jalalabad area of ​​eastern Afghanistan. His car was ambushed by unknown people. During the attack, five local residents who were with Nakamura, his employee and driver, as well as three security guards, were killed. Tetsu Nakamura was taken to the hospital with severe bullet wounds to his chest. Doctors later confirmed his death.