OREANDA-NEWS New York overtook London and took first place in the ranking of global financial centers on the Global Financial Centers Index. The report was published on the website of the financial consulting company Z / Yen Group, which calculates the indicator every six months.

In 2015, London became the main financial center of the world, shifting new York from the first place. Since then, every year he took first place in the ranking of Global Financial Centres Index.

The position of a city in the GFCI rating depends on the total amount of points. For their charge conduct a survey among more than three thousand professionals. Five indicators are taken into account: business environment, finance, infrastructure, human capital and reputation.

London, which in March 2018 was in the first place of the GFCI 23 rating, fell to a lower position. The five leaders closed Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai. The report notes that " centers in the Asia-Pacific region have risen in the ranking, maintaining the trend of recent years."

St. Petersburg rose by 11 points and took 80th place, ahead of Moscow. The Russian capital has not changed its position and remained in 83rd place. "Significant progress has been made in Astana, Budapest, St. Petersburg and Tallinn," the report said.

For the first time Moscow was included in the index in 2008 with 414 points. In the rating for September, the total score of the capital was 571.

The index of European capitals showed a slight increase in the ranking, so Paris rose by one point compared to March and took 23rd place, Amsterdam rose from 50th to 35th place, Vienna-from 64th to 51st place, and Brussels-from 62nd to 54th.

The world financial centers index began to be calculated in 2007 and is updated every six months . The current rating is the 24th in the account. In September, it first entered one of the capitals of the Republic of South Africa, CapeTown, which took 38th place, and the Bulgarian capital Sofia, becoming the 97th.