OREANDA-NEWS. North Korea has reported a successful test of the hypersonic missile «hWasong-8». The tests took place on Tuesday and were of «great strategic importance», they confirmed the reliability of navigation control and the stability of the missile, the KCNA news agency reported on Wednesday, September 29, adding that the DPRK intends to strengthen its defense potential «a thousandfold».

According to KCNA, one of the main North Korean functionaries, Park Jung Chong, was following the course of the tests. The North Korean news agency did not mention the leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong Un. A photo depicting the launch of the hWasong-8 rocket was published in the newspapers.

South Korea yesterday announced new missile tests in the DPRK, without providing any information about the maximum altitude of the missile and it's trajectory. At the same time, South Korean media, citing sources, reported that the flight of the missile launched in the DPRK was not the same as usual. South Korean President Moon Jae-in called for a thorough investigation of the incident. The United States declared that the missile tests in the DPRK did not pose a threat to themselves and their allies.