OREANDA-NEWSPolish miners from nearly 300 trade unions blocked railways on Tuesday at a loading terminal in the Slavków area in the ленlскомskie Voivodeship in the south of the country. According to Polish radio stations, they are protesting against coal supplies from Russia.

“It's this terminal that connects the East with Western Europe, and it's here that Russian coal flows by rail, depriving us of jobs and the opportunity to get higher wages”, said one of the protesters Boguslav Zentek.

Previously, similar actions to block the paths have already been carried out. Miners say they will continue to organize protests of this type. "We have repeatedly asked the government to stop importing Russian coal. And we have received promises many times. However, nothing really happens", Zentek said.

According to the Polish Industrial Development Agency, last year 61.6 million tons of coal were mined in Polish mines, which is 1.8 million tons less than a year earlier. Coal sales fell by 4.1 million tons compared to the same period last year and amounted to 58.4 million tons. As of the end of December last year, coal reserves amounted to 5.2 million tons, compared with 2.4 million tons a year earlier and 1.7 million tons at the end of December 2017.