OREANDA-NEWSThe process of political settlement in Syria is advancing, now it is necessary to ensure the complete elimination of the terrorist centers in Idlib and increase humanitarian aid, said Russian President Vladimir Putin. "The real results in the fight against international terrorism have been achieved in Syria. Largely due to the comprehensive assistance of Russia to the legitimate Syrian government, the militants of the terrorist groups suffered defeat", Putin said at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit.

According to him, now a large part of the country’s territory has returned to Damascus control. "The process of political settlement is progressing, work is under way to form a constitutional committee. Now the primary task is to ensure the complete elimination of the terrorist foci remaining in Syria, primarily in Idlib, in parallel, to increase the volume of humanitarian aid and assistance to the economic reconstruction of Syria from the international community", the Russian leader said.

Experts say that the last two months, the government forces of Syria and the guarantors of the truce - Russia, Turkey and Iran - are trying to discourage the country's radicals from the radicals. In the meantime, the West opens a new front - diplomatic, inclining everyone to some kind of "deal". But the parties look at the post-conflict development of Syria too differently.

Fighting for the province of Idlib, which remains under the control of the Syrian opposition, is the second month. As the positions of government troops supported by Russian aviation are strengthened, criticism of the West is intensifying. The United States and the EU accuse Syrian President Bashar Assad of the humanitarian crisis that arose in Idlib as a result of shelling. Moreover, each time they are reminded that back in October last year, it was Russia, together with Turkey, who declared this northern Syrian province to be demilitarized.