OREANDA-NEWS  Russia has achieved its goals in the areas most important for ensuring sovereignty, Vladimir Putin said.

"In the key areas that ensure our sovereignty, we have done the most necessary. We will move on," the President said at the plenary session of the Eurasian Economic Forum in the format of a video conference call.

"Of course, we understand the huge technological advantages, in high technologies the advantage in developed economies is self-evident. We are not going to cut ourselves off from this. They want to squeeze us out of there a little bit, but in the modern world this is simply unrealistic, simply impossible. If we don't separate ourselves with some kind of wall, then no one will be able to separate a country like Russia," the head of state said.

At the same time, he added that the authorities will continue to develop industry and technology, and will not focus exclusively on import substitution, since this measure is unable to solve all problems.

"We are just going to develop, but where we are forced to engage in this import substitution, we are doing it and will continue to do it," Putin said.