OREANDA-NEWS. Moscow has prepared a new draft resolution on extending the operation of one checkpoint on the Turkish-Syrian border to deliver humanitarian aid to Syria, according to a comment from Russia's first Deputy UN Ambassador Dmitry Polyansky on Twitter.
Currently, two border crossings on the border with Turkey — "Bab al-Hawa" and "Bab es Salam"-are used for the delivery of humanitarian aid. Their mandate expires on July 10, so the security Council must adopt a resolution for their further work. However, there was disagreement on this point.

This week, Russia and China vetoed a resolution by Germany and Belgium proposing to extend both checkpoints for a year.
After that, Moscow submitted a document to extend the work of Bab-El-Hawa only, and for six months, not a year. However, it did not get the necessary nine votes out of 15 — only four States voted for it.

Next, Belgium and Germany introduced a new draft on two border crossings, but for six months, not for a year, unlike their first version.
As follows from Polyansky's comment, Russia has also prepared a new resolution-on the work of one checkpoint, but within a year.

According to him, more than 85% of all humanitarian operations pass through this crossing.
As the diplomat noted, the remaining share of humanitarian operations can be redirected through this checkpoint and the front line, taking into account the changes "on the ground", in particular, the reduction of the de-escalation zone by 30%.

Russia urges UN humanitarian agencies and NGOs to give priority to using the delivery mechanism across the front line, while continuing to use the Bab al-Hawa border crossing to help those in need in Idlib.