OREANDA-NEWS The singer Sergey Lazarev in the program "Good morning" TV channel "Russia-1" told what song will perform at the Eurovision song contest in 2019.

According to him, the composition was written by Philip Kirkorov in collaboration with the Greek composer.

Lazarev noted that since he will represent Russia for the second time at the Eurovision song contest, he faces "absolutely new risks, the stakes are even higher and already expectations are higher." "Everything is exclusively expect me to win, even though I have this imposes more responsibility", — said the singer.

He also admitted that he doubted whether it was worth going to Eurovision again, because last time he did "the maximum at that time". Also, the artist promised that the audience will see in Tel Aviv " another Sergey Lazarev."

"Wish me good luck, keep your fists for me, cheer, wherever you are, in whatever country you look at me, I really need your support, as last time," Lazarev said.

Producer Joseph Prigogine has already commented on the choice of the channel.

"I don't care who goes to Eurovision, anyone can go. Sergei has already proved everything to everyone, he is an artist. I sincerely do not understand why he need to go again. It is necessary to be sure that he will take the first place. My opinion: we need to send someone else, but, in principle, no one forbids to go for the title again," said Prigozhin during a conversation.

The first performance of Sergey Lazarev at Eurovision took place in 2016 — then the competition was hosted by Sweden. Russian singer was among the favorites of Eurovision and became the leader of the audience voting, but the jury awarded the artist not so many points. As a result, Lazarev took third place and received the audience award. The winner of the contest was Ukrainian singer Jamala. Eurovision – is international pop song contest among the member countries of the European broadcasting Union. The owner of all intellectual property produced in the framework of the competition is also the European broadcasting Union.

This year's competition will be held from 14 to 18 May in Tel Aviv. Israel received the right to host the competition thanks to Netta Barzilai's victory.

Russia won the Eurovision song contest only once — in 2008, when the country was represented by Dima Bilan. In 2017, Moscow refused to participate in the competition, after Ukraine banned the entry of Russian singer Yulia Samoilova.