OREANDA-NEWSThe Russian embassy in France is aware of the chemical poisoning situation of Russian sailors, whose ship is in the port of French Brest, and is in contact with the French authorities investigating the incident. This was reported to the Russian media in the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation on Thursday.

"The embassy is aware of this incident. Consular representatives are in contact with the French prosecutor's office and the maritime gendarmerie", the embassy said. The interlocutor added that now three Russian citizens are hospitalized in Brest, another Russian has died.

Late last week, a French newspaper reported an emergency evacuation of Fri Dolphin crew members in the port of Brest in connection with aluminum phosphide poisoning. This chemical was used to treat 2.7 thousand tons of corn from pests intended for delivery to the UK. In total, there were six Russians and one Ukrainian aboard the ship sailing under the Bahamian flag.

The publication clarified that sailors 32, 49 and 56 years old, sent to the hospital, were in a stable condition. It was only reported about the deceased that he was a citizen of the Russian Federation and he was 42 years old.