OREANDA-NEWS. The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (MFA) confirmed to RIA Novosti the death of an employee of the Confederate Embassy in Tehran, noting that the Swiss authorities are in contact with the Iranian authorities on the circumstances of the incident.

It is reported that a 51-year-old employee of the Swiss Embassy, which represents US interests in Iran, died after falling from a high-rise building in Tehran, as reported by Mehr, citing information from emergency services. The woman fell out of the window of a high-rise building in the north of the Iranian capital, where she lived.

It is indicated that the deceased served as the first secretary of the embassy and represented the interests of the United States. It is still unknown whether her death was an accident or a suicide.

The department said: "The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs confirms that an employee of the Swiss Embassy in Tehran died on Tuesday. The department and its head, Federal Councilor Ignazio Cassis are alarmed by the tragic death and express their deep condolences to the family ... The Swiss Embassy is in contact with local authorities."

A 51-year-old employee of the Swiss embassy in Tehran died, likely in an accident, Iranian emergency services chief Mojtaba Khaledi said on May 4 in a comment to the Iranian news agency ISNA. Khaledi explained that the body of the deceased was found a long time after death and that death occurred, in all likelihood, as a result of the woman's accidental fall from the height of the 4th floor. The representative of the emergency services department also clarified that, despite the obvious signs of death from a fall from a height, the body of the deceased will be handed over to forensic experts who will issue a final conclusion on the causes of death.

When asked by journalists about possible conflicts of the deceased or about information about the intrusion of strangers into her house, Khaledi said that "emergency services have no information on this matter" and that there is information that in the morning the employee of the deceased discovered the absence of the boss at the usual place and called the police and the police, in turn, called an ambulance, and that the body of the deceased was found in the garden near her house.

It is recalled that Switzerland began to represent US interests in Iran after Tehran broke off diplomatic relations with Washington.