OREANDA-NEWS  “All coalition forces have left Bagram,” the source said. However, he did not specify when exactly the withdrawal of troops from the base took place.

According to the Associated Press, two US officials said Bagram airbase had already been handed over to the Afghan Security and National Defense Forces.

The airbase in the city of Bagram served as an important staging post for the delivery of goods, equipment and troops to Afghanistan as part of US and NATO military operations.

While the Americans were there, the base was visited by the presidents of the countries George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump. The Bagram airbase had a symbolic meaning for the American army.

Earlier, on April 14, The US President Joe Biden announced plans to begin the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in May, which is scheduled to be completed by September 11. According to the Pentagon, by the end of April, there were 2,500 American soldiers and officers in the country. NATO forces are also leaving Afghanistan.

The Pentagon later reported that more than 50% of American soldiers and military equipment had already left the country. And the head of the Central Command of the US Armed Forces, General Kenneth Mackenzie, during a telephone briefing stressed that the withdrawal process is about half way and is moving at a comfortable pace for the US military.